Leave everything undefined,
including yourself.
Befriend uncertainty. 
Fall in love with mystery.
Kneel at the altar 
of Not Knowing.
Give your questions 
time to breathe.
And the answers 
will find you.
– Jeff Foster

Who am I?  How can I live a meaningful life? These are questions we may l ask ourselves throughout our lifetime and the answers  we discover will change as we courageously journey forward.

As a National Certified Counselor, it is my desire and honor to encourage and support clients through the process of change. I believe in every person’s ability to learn new skills, adopt valuable tools and uncover unique and beneficial strengths.I utilize mindfulness, self-compassion practices, yoga and Hakomi which facilitates a deliberate and gradual slowing down to deepen awareness and shed light on the changes you want to make.

Being in the present moment and learning to accept yourself lovingly, gives you opportunities to recognize unconscious patterns and discover new ways of being. When you are bestowed with time, space along with the realization of choice, positive transformation can occur.

As a therapist, yoga and mindfulness teacher, I am fortunate and deeply committed to encourage and support you as you release what is no longer needed, excavate your strengths and practice being in the world in a more enriching way. It is my pleasure to provide you with an atmosphere that includes mindful attention, heartfelt presence and the encouragement to begin your voyage into change, healing and expansion. Your true potential is waiting!!!

I specialize in the following-

-Mindful Self Compassion
-Empowering Woman/Teen Girls
-Mindful Eating
-Self Care
-Anxiety Solutions
-Self-relating techniques