Yoga with Counseling


Benefits of Yoga with Counseling
Yoga counseling is a unique combination of body awareness practices combined
with inquiry through counseling. It can be helpful for anyone
wanting to explore the mind/body/breath connection and is especially
beneficial to those suffering from anxiety, depression, low self efficacy and body image
challenges. Yoga counseling does not require you to be at a specific level of fitness or flexibility. It invites you to show up to the present moment exactly as you are!
The Mind: Yoga with counseling offers clients the opportunity to slow down and
spend quiet, reflective time with themselves. Often this time allows the
client to experience self- inquiry, which can help with identifying the
negative thought patterns that can cause challenging emotions and
replace the thoughts with healthier, more loving ways of relating with themselves.

The Body: Listening to the body’s communication regarding needs, strengths
and limitations is another benefit of yoga with counseling.  Practicing the various
physical postures allows the client to focus internally and discover how they feel in the pose rather than how they look externally. This self-discovery can lead to a deeper appreciation of their body and increase self-confidence from the inside out. Being present with the body provides many opportunities to investigate all the amazing ways the body can move,stretch and relax.
The Breath: Breath awareness and breathing techniques are yoga practices which can deactivate the fight or flight response associated with high levels of stress. Learning to deepen and focus on the breath allows the client to calm both their body and mind. As the client becomes more peaceful, clarity and healthier life choices emerge.

Learning to slow down, create space for self-discovery and healthy movement are only some of the benefits clients find when practicing yoga. Step onto the yoga mat and experience how yoga can be the beginning a healthy relationship with your body, mind and breath.